Zebedee is quite a tall male human who draws, paints and writes for a living. He lives on the edge of a blustery valley in the English countryside surrounded by otters, owls and simple country folk. His work gets about far more than he does and may be found in distant villages like New York, Paris, Milan, London, LA, Tokyo, Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire . . .

Zebedee uses various mediums, depending on the nature of the work, but there is to be found in all of it a unifying theme of affectionate humorosity, which is quite the sort of thing this world needs more of.

The family motto of the Helms is Leones Mihi Cassis, which translates as Lions are blackcurrants to me, and in this spirit he tackles all and everything. His interests include nougat.

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portrait w brolly